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Hail Damages That Public Insurance Adjusters Might Find

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Hail storms can happen unexpectedly, and many property owners assume that they will be protected from all of their damages as long as they have insurance. This is not always the case. Some property owners have to resort to hiring public insurance adjusters to ensure that they are fairly compensated. This may lead you to wonder what types of damages you should look for after a hailstorm and what you should do to protect your home against further damage. The following points will help you to understand what you need to look for after a severe storm involving hail.

HVAC Units

Your HVAC system is exposed to the elements. It is made to withstand harsh weather. However, harsh weather such as hailstones mixed with heavy winds can cause significant damage to the system. A common sign of damage that you may see is dings on the external unit. It is also possible that you might notice components of the exterior portion of the system do not work after a storm, or they might not function in the same manner as they used to.

Roof and Gutter Damages

Dings and dents are also a common type of damage to roofs and gutters. Some storms may even result in gutters being ripped off of homes. Gutters that have been repaired yet continue to loosen away from homes likely need to be replaced. 

Mailbox Damages

Sometimes inclement weather can result in mailboxes getting tossed about communities. The mail in these containers may also get strewn about communities. If hail is a part of this type of phenomenon, you can expect dents on metal mailboxes. It is also possible for paint chipping to occur on retro mailboxes. 

Garage Door Damages

Your garage shields out elements from damaging your vehicles. This means that there are chances that you have overlooked storm damage if you have gotten accustomed to seeing your home looking a certain way. You can get a better idea of these damaged by ensuring you utilize the services of insurance adjusters soon after storms occur. 

When you notice hail damage, it is important to get photos of the damages. Do not rely on your insurance company to capture all of the photos. This is because they could capture photos at odd angles that do not truly represent the extent of the damages. Some insurance adjusters might be willing to respond more appropriately to claims when they are aware that claimants also have their own photo or video evidence.