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Valuable Tips To Learn Before You Attend Your First Estate Sale Auction

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Visiting an estate sale auction is an ideal way to pick up some items for your home for a decent price. Whether you're looking for antique furniture, retro kitchen items or pieces from a collection, you'll have access to things that may be difficult to track down elsewhere — and you won't typically have to break the bank. If you're new to the auction scene, it's important to keep a handful of tips in mind. Chief among these is having a price limit for each item you wish to bid on; doing so will prevent you from getting caught up in the spirit of the auction and overspending. Here are some other tips to keep in mind.

Thoroughly Inspect Every Item In Advance

It's important to show up in good time to the estate sale, as you'll have ample time to peruse all of the items on which you might eventually bid. This will allow you to thoroughly inspect each item so that you know its condition. If you're looking at antiques, for example, some may need varying degrees of work. Allowing for this time will ensure that when you win something, there will be no surprises about its condition.

Don't Join In Until Toward The End

It can generally be a good strategy to hold off bidding until toward the end of the action. Doing so can prevent you from unnecessarily inflating the price of an item. For example, if an item's bidding begins at $10 and you want to spend about $75, there's no point in bidding $10, $20 or $30 early in the auction; if someone else is also interested, you'll just keep outbidding each other and the item will increase in price quickly. It's better to wait until other bidders have dropped out, and you can definitely offer a bid as late as the auctioneer saying "Going three times," but you'll need to do so quickly.

Find A Spot Where You Can Focus On The Auctioneer

When you're serious about bidding on an item that you really want, it's helpful to get a seat or standing position near the auctioneer. This will allow you to stay focused on his or her words and movements, rather than getting caught up in the buzz of activity elsewhere in the room. If you're seated toward the back, you can easily get distracted by people shouting and running around, possibly to the point at which you fail to bid on something in time.

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