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Tips For Establishing Value On Your Artwork

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If you're an artist, trying to establish a value on your art can be a frustrating task. There is nothing more depressing than seeing your art sell for much less than you believe it is worth, or even not selling at all. If you're trying to figure out how to establish a value, make sure you follow some of these tips to spark interest.

Don't Talk Down Your Work

One thing that some artists do is talk down about their art. You are your own worst critic, but you need to keep the critiques to yourself. You might see a major flaw in a painting, but the chances are, no one else is going to see it. Don't point it out every time someone is looking at your painting. For some, it's hard to resist because they think everyone is thinking the same thing. If you start pointing out all of the flaws that you believe are there, other people are going to start believing it, too.

Make a Price List

Make a price list for you art and always have it with you. If someone shows interest in purchasing your art, wavering on the price or thinking about it when they ask shows that you don't have much confidence in your art. If you don't have confidence in yourself, no one else is going to have confidence in you. Having a price list shows that you know what you're worth and you're solid on your price.

Respect Your Art

Don't carry a painting out on the street so the entire thing is exposed. You might think it's a great idea because people walking by can see and admire it, but this is a great way to ruin it. You need to treat your art like you're setting it up on a museum. Keep your artwork in protective cloth-lined bags. If someone bumps into it on the street or it gets dropped, you need to make sure it's as protected as possible.

Speak With Confidence

Some people get nervous about calling themselves an artist. They think if they aren't famous, other people won't take their words seriously. Don't shy away from using the word "artist" just because no one has ever heard of you. Tell people you're an artist with pride and know exactly how to talk about your artwork.

Establishing a value on your artwork isn't an overnight process. Most people don't immediately paint something that's worth thousands. However, if you keep painting, take care of your art, and speak with confidence, you're eventually going to get the prices you want and deserve. For more information, contact a business such as Chicago Appraisers Association.